EIF’s Home Maintenance offers significant customization, easy preventative maintenance scheduling, and provides for logging completed preventative maintenance tasks. EIF’s Home Maintenance e-mails free reminders of preventative maintenance when the maintenance is due.

EIF’s Home Maintenance provides free preventative maintenance reminders for any area such as your Appliances, Family Room, Yard, Basement, Kitchen, or Bathroom just to name a few.You can even add your own!
My Home Maintenance allows you to organize your schedule to meet your maintenance goals. Use EIF’s Home Maintenance to schedule your common household tasks, and you’ll receive a customized, friendly reminder by electronic mail when maintenance is due.

Register with EIF’s Home Maintenance to set up your account, schedule your maintenance, and get organized! As an added feature, EIF’s Home Maintenance provides for keeping a log of your maintenance. A log of your maintenance could add value to your home showing how you’ve cared for it over the years!