As a homeowner, we hired Greg to power wash our house before we painted and to
our amazement we didnt need to have our home painted after all. The superb
job saved us a big expense. I would highly recommend Greg, his work is
very thorough.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller

I first hired Greg for window cleaning and gutters cleaning, I was so
amazed that he can do it so professionally clean. Then I started to use
Greg’s services regularly, as my house needs extra maintenance on the
gutters and roof. Each time Greg can give me a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
I recommended him to all my friends, as he is very trustworthy…

Edward and Polly Taverna

I hired Greg to clean my inside and outside gutters, he was very
professional and prompt, I will be hiring his services again

Mrs. Jacob

We hired Greg for window cleaning of our home, I have not seen my windows
ever this clean, and we were shocked

Mr. and Mrs. Chan