A bathroom is an important part of your house and is often the epitome of the owner’s personality and tastes. If you’re sick of your noisy cistern and your creaking basin, or if you’re planning to set up a new bathroom, here are a few tips on how to proceed.

1. Visit a local store that specializes in bathroom suites and accessories. You may have read dozens of articles on the internet and seen pictures of hundreds of bathrooms, but nothing beats a visit to an actual store. Check out everything you need for your bathroom. From taps to towels and soap cases to showers, check their prices and compare them with other stores prices. Feel free to ask questions as most stores don’t have everything on display. While you’re taking a look around, make a mental picture of how you would like your bathroom to look.

2. Work out a budget, now that you know what you like and how much it costs.Decide how much you are going to spend on your bathroom. Fitting a bathroom need not be expensive. Work out how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom fittings, tiles, flooring and accessories. In case you are on a tight budget, you can skip accessories like bathroom curtains or bath mats because these can always be bought at a later date. Taps and fittings will greatly improve the look and the convenience of your bathroom, so invest in them. Another point to note while deciding about fixtures and fittings is that high quality bathroom fittings will cost you more than normal ones, but they will help you save on maintenance costs in the future. Do not forget to add costs of plumbing installations.

3. Make a plan. Draw your bathroom as you would like it to be, according to scale.A proper plan will give you a good idea of what your bathroom would look like. Note down all the accessories and fittings which you need to order. Once satisfied with the appearance and costs, order the required products. Also inquire whether the supplier provides the installation services as well.

4. Installation and decoration. Labor costs will form a substantial part of your total costs. For this reason, it is wise to request several quotes from different companies, before finally deciding which installation company to hire. The tiling, flooring, lighting and plumbing services are essential when fitting a bathroom. There are a number of options available for all of them; choose the one that most suits your tastes, budget and requirements. It is a good idea to seek recommendations about different plumbers. The plumber you hire should be licensed and professional. Some plumbing companies may recommend tile layers and other specialists you might need. You may also benefit from discounts in such a way.

An elegant bathroom can be an asset when you want to sell or rent your house. It will help to add value to your home. By planning in advance and with proper guidance, it is possible to make the seemingly difficult task of fitting a bathroom a straightforward and easy one.